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CLV Staking is based on the CLV M-Chain, which uses NPOS(Nominated Proof-of-Stake) as its consensus mechanism. Therefore, CLV users can participate in the consensus as nominators.


You may have an account with $CLV and want to stake $CLV to earn more. You could do so as a validator, which requires a node running 24/7. If you do not have such node or do not want to bother, you can still earn $CLV by nominating one or more validators. By doing so, you become a nominator for the validator(s) of your choice.


Secure the Relay Chain by selecting trustworthy validators and staking dots.


Secure the relay chain by staking dots, validating proofs from collators, and participating in consensus with other validators.


The staking system pays out rewards essentially equally to all validators regardless of stake. Having more stake on a validator does not influence the amount of block rewards it receives. However, there is a probabilistic component to reward calculation (discussed below), so rewards may not be exactly equal for all validators in a given era.

Distribution of the rewards are pro-rata to all stakers after the validator’s commission is deducted. In this way, the network creates incentives for the nomination of lower-staked validators to create an equally-staked validator set.

As a nominator, you can nominate validator candidates that you trust to help you earn rewards in the chain’s native token. The earned rewards can be bonded (locked) immediately for staking on your account, which would effectively compound the rewards you receive over time.


2.Staking via CLV Wallet


The following guide shows how to stake $CLV on CLV mobile wallet.

(1)Open the staking page and click “CLV Staking”

(2)Read the comments above and click the button. Reminder: Please note that the staked tokens will be locked for about 28 days on the CLV blockchain after unstaking.

(3)Input the number of CLV tokens you want to stake and click “Continue”

(4)Select the validator and click the “continue”. Nominators may back up to 16 validators as trusted validator candidates.

Oversubscribed: According to the current staking rules of NPOS staking, only the top 256 nominators can get rewards from one validator. The status of oversubscribed means the amount you staked are not in the list. Also, the more validators you choose, the less amount of CLV will be allocated to one validator. So please try to nominate other validators, stake more CLV, or choose less number of validators simultaneously.

(5)After signing the transaction, you will see the staking managed page.

  • Staked 9.00 CLV means you staked that amount of CLV tokens in total.
  • 52.4843 CLV available represents the amount of CLV tokens currently owned in the CLV M-chain.
  • Click the “change validators”; you will see the validators you have chosen and have the option to select them again. Also, you can check your status and whether you are subscribed to the selected validators.
  • Click the “unstake.” You can unstake your CLV tokens and withdraw them

Note: it will take 24 days to finish unstaking.


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