How can I reset my password?

Please note that when resetting your wallet, any accounts (addresses) that do NOT ORIGINATE from your phrase will not be recovered afterward. These imported accounts, either hardware wallet or imported via private key, are NOT INCLUDED under the Secret Recovery Phrase and will need to be added manually. Therefore, please verify that you have the private key details for any imported accounts before proceeding with the reset process.

When resetting your password for your CLV wallet, you will need your 12-word secret Secret Recovery Phrase. If you do not already have your Secret Recovery Phrase saved somewhere safe, please refer to the section “How to Reveal Your Secret Recovery Phrase.”

Extension Wallet (Google Chrome)

(1)Open the Extensions Pop-up and click “Manage extensions.”

(2)Find the CLV Wallet and hit the “Remove”

(3)Visit the link and follow the process to reinstall the CLV Wallet and set up a new password

Mobile Wallet

(1)Click “Forgot password?”

(2)Read through the contents and click  “Reset”

(3)Restart the process of importing the wallet from create password page

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