How to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase

Firstly, DO NOT share this phrase with anyone! This set of words can be used to steal all your accounts. Furthermore, you can’t edit or change your Secret Recovery Phrase.

1.Backing Up When You Install CLV Wallet

When you create a new CLV Wallet account, you will go to the page where you enter a password. This password allows you to unlock your local CLV Wallet account once installed. However, if your computer crashes or you cannot access your CLV Wallet, this password will not help you gain access to your funds from another machine or after a crash.

The following page, where you are given your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase, is the most important information for you to record and keep safe in managing your CLV Wallet account.

You can write your Secret Recovery Phrase down on a piece of paper (or, you know, titanium) or a flash drive; optionally, we allow you to download a file containing the phrase.

2.Backing Up After You Install CLV Wallet

If you forgot to record your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase or lost the original copy, as long as your CLV Wallet account is still unlocked, you can reveal your Seed Phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase.

3.Mobile Wallet and Extension Wallet (Google Chrome)

(1)Open the setting page and click “Wallet”

(2)Click “…” and hit “reveal the Seed Phrase”

(3)After inputting the password, you will see the Seed Phrase

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