User Guide: Custom EVM networks

As the Ethereum ecosystem grows, creating a custom EVM network is a very popular option for building new technologies. In other words, another blockchain or network compatible with Ethereum allows users to transfer tokens, or value of some kind, between the networks.


1.Do your due diligence

Not all networks are safe. In order to offer cheaper and faster transactions, custom networks usually have different security and reliability guarantees than the mainnet. Try to understand the risks before moving significant value to a custom network.


2.Ensure accurate and correct custom network information

Find the network on to add it to CLV Wallet automatically. You can also add custom networks to CLV Wallet manually.


3.Always use established bridges or portals to move tokens between blockchain networks


4.NEVER send tokens directly from one network to another

If you attempt to send crypto assets directly from one network or chain to another, this will most likely result in permanent and irreversible asset loss


5.Understand how gas works on different networks

When using or interacting with a sidechain or non-Ethereum mainnet network, please keep in mind that transaction fees are always paid in the native token currency of the network, for example:

  • To pay the gas fees on BNB Smart Chain, you need to own BNB
  • To pay the gas fee on Matic / Polygon, you need to own MATIC

Make sure you have enough native tokens to perform a send or swap transaction.

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