User Guide: Dapps

One of CLV Wallet’s most exciting features is connecting to decentralized applications or dapps. Think of dapps as traditional websites you can access in your browser, but with a special portal built into them that links them to a blockchain. In order to interact with the functionality of that network, you need to have a wallet connected to the dApp portion of the website.


With CLV wallet, users can simultaneously connect dApps in one of the Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, Polkadot Network, Solana Network, Tron Network, etc., without having to switch networks!


Many websites with dApp functionality will have a button on the site that says ‘Connect wallet’ or ‘Connect to dApp’ or even just ‘Launch app.’ Clicking the correct button should launch a set of interactions that end up with your CLV wallet being connected to the dApp you’re on.


Be careful about which dApps you connect to and what permissions you give them. For example, certain types of transactions require granting a dApp’s smart contract permission to access your funds and, in many cases, virtually infinite amounts of your funds. In fact, there are many cases in which smart contracts which dapps run are explicitly created to defraud users and steal all their funds once they’ve granted this kind of access.


Note that disconnecting your wallet from a dApp does not affect token approvals.

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