What is wCLV? Is it the same as CLV?

1.WCLV: ERC20 and BEP20 tokens in Ethereum Mainnet and BNB Smart Chain respectively


wCLV is the representation of the CLV token officially as an ERC20 token on Ethereum Mainnet and as a BEP20 token on BNB Smart Chain (previously called Binance Smart Chain). They represent the same value, just on different networks. We call wCLV in the Ethereum network and BNB Smart Chain as CLV directly in the CLV Wallet for users’ convenience. These are one-to-one contracts wrapped and have been audited officially.


Smart Contract Address
$CLV ERC-20: 0x80C62FE4487E1351b47Ba49809EBD60ED085bf52
$CLV BEP-20: 0x09E889BB4D5b474f561db0491C38702F367A4e4d


2.WCLV: Wrapped Tokens in CLV P-Chain


Also, wCLV is the wrapped token of the CLV native token in the CLV P-chain. Since CLV, the native token of the CLV P-Chain, is not ERC20 compliant. This oddity has led to the creation of wCLV, an ERC20 token that holds an equivalent value of the CLV for which it is wrapped but with ERC20 functionality.

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