What to do when your balance of tokens is incorrect

First of all, check the wallet address to which you are receiving tokens to see the current balance of your tokens. You do this by copying your wallet address and posting it into the block explorer corresponding to the network you’re on–Etherscan for Ethereum mainnet, Arbiscan for Arbitrum, etc.


If your CLV Wallet displays the incorrect balance for tokens, try the steps below one by one until you see your balance correctly.


(1)Check that your internet connection is strong and stable. If not, CLV Wallet may be unable to load the correct balances.

(2)Close down your browser where the CLV extension is installed and open it again.

(3)Try switching off any ad blockers you have installed, or if you’re not using a VPN, try using CLV Wallet with it turned on.

(4)Open to a token’s detailed page and back again.

(5)Hide the token and then re-add the token.

(6)Make sure that your Secret Recovery Phrase is backed up in a safe place, and reinstall the app.


If you still encounter issues after trying these steps, please contact us via [email protected].

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