Why did I pay gas fees for a failed transaction?

This is not a fee CLV Wallet receives, so we cannot refund it. This fee is paid to miners or validators to finalize transactions, validate them into blocks, and secure the blockchain.


You pay for the computation, regardless of whether your transaction succeeds or fails. Even if it fails, the miners must validate and execute your transaction, which takes computational power. You must pay for that computation, just like you would pay for a successful transaction.


There are a few error examples that you could encounter during the transaction failure:

  • A Dropped and Replaced transaction, which means the transaction was dropped and replaced by a new one. Please see more information about a dropped and replaced transaction here: https://info.etherscan.com/transaction-dropped-replaced/
  • Out of gas is an error when the gas limit is too low.


You can retry the transaction, but this time, please use the advanced settings to set the gas limit to a higher value (try something like 60000). You can also refer to this article to learn more about this Out of gas error and the other alternatives to fix it.

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